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Kayla was born with Left-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (LCDH). When she was born she was in the NICU for a total of 55 days. She reherniated two years later, had her repair surgery in May 2011 and spent 11 days in hospital recovering. She is a tough little girl and we are truly blessed to have her here.

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The move! Recovery Day 5

We got to skype with Daddy last night- and aside from videos my parents-in-law have been sending me that was the first time I got to see Lily- she seemed soo excited.. not sure if it was me or that Daddy was home or that Mema was holding her but I am going to take it as she was super excited to see me! :) I miss Lily like crazy!!

Last night was a little rough- K was sleeping find but some nights she has been fine with the nurse to come in and not been disturbed too much, but last night she woke up every time, and was not happy - could have been the fact that her epidural was less- but idk? It was just an off night for her- then an early morning- again she woke up when her nurse came in.. and she was quiet so I don't know?

So as soon as she woke, she wanted up- so we put her in the chair again... about half hour goes by and the pain Dr was there to take out the epidural.. of course she did not want anyone touching her- so she wasn't happy.  There was a TON of tape on her back...so it took them a few min to get the corners up- once they did they ripped it right off (not harsh tape) and the epidural came right out, looked easy peasy but K was not havin it.  After that she was quite tired.  So she napped for a while.

Then her surgeon Dr. came up and asked about her- told us she could have the foley out (the pee pee line)...so they took that out right away. I let her be bare bottom for a while as she was having a tough time dealing with all that was going on... and not too long after the foley came out- she asked to go pee pee.  So the nurse came in to help, and we got her on the potty (thanks to PATTY who brought us one so we didn't have to hold K over potty, phew!) and then K starts crying- and says "go to sleep" meaning she wants to go back to the bed... so I told her if she didn't pee pee, I'd have to put a diaper on... and she went at like that exact moment- so the nurse and I are thinking she peed... since we heard the tinkle tinkle in the toilet- and I usually let K wipe herself, but I do it afterwards- but when I do I go from front all the way to the back- and that's when we saw there was some poopy on the wipe.. we were confused- but when we looked into the potty you could see it looked like diarrhea...guess it was still a little bit of enema left in her- and some poop came out too.. poor kid. :(

After the potty time- we were told we were leaving the PICU!!! We are now down on the 11th floor!!

K has been pretty miserable -- can't blame her but.. OH MAN!!!! It's soo stressful- poor girl just isn't old enough to tell me really how to help her. :(  She's obviously getting better- wanting to do more, eat more, drink more- which she can't do any of... which makes it harder... ugh!! I did let her walk from the potty to the bed- every time she got up to go.  When we were still in the PICU, she walked like a little old lady- teeny tiny steps, it was so cute.  I mean she hasn't moved since Friday morning... so she's a little weak- and the epidural..I can imagine had some effect on her.  But by the third time going to the potty on the 11th floor she was walking a little better- bigger steps, almost standing on her own.. however- I thought I was going to have to retrain her to go to potty on the potty- not retrain to walk...ha! :)

The only extra meds she has been given are her pain med- tortacal  ?? I don't know if that's how you spell, or even if the ending part is right- ha but that's for pain, and then they started giving her an anti-acid bc her NG tube was showing bright red stuff- after a while of it not showing much of anything- and it cleared right up- and then they gave her some malox...she was not a fan- I guess she felt it (they think she was refluxing when given it, and you could see it come out the nostril that doesn't have the tube.  She has morphine as an "as needed" back up drug- and today she needed it. She was impossible.  She acted like she was ok when in bed, but cried every time she had to go potty- and wouldn't let me put a diaper on, she slept most of the day- I was just sooo worried-

One time she went to the potty and she was MISERABLE - her eyes look sunken in, purple, she looked famished... I was devastated.  I was frustrated.  I was a mess! Before we got back to the bed, the nurse asked K if she wanted to go for a walk- I was shocked! For sure K would want to- she cried NO and said "go back to sleep" then the nurse asked if she wanted to go for a wagon ride and again K cried "No, go back to sleep"....:( We got her back to the bed, and the nurse left. Kayla wouldn't let me put a diaper on her, kept saying no to pain, I just lost it.  I cried and cried- it was an awful day.  I tried to keep it together- I didn't want the poor nurses to see me completely insane.. but I was just too stressed- too worried- and helpless.  Kayla was obviously hurting, and I just didn't want to see it I guess... they offered the morphine- and they asked what I thought- couldn't even spit out an answer before the tears came flowing again.. all I thought was this would back up her poo, making us stay longer, and the NG stay in longer, and make her sleep more when she had already slept most of the day... but she was amazing after! We laid in bed together, read a few books. She wanted her balloons- and when she got them, she'd say "oh no" and let them go.

She then wanted a wagon ride, and we got to go to the play room, and play!  She farted twice while there too!!  Then she looked as tho she would pass out- but she didn't.  We got to talk to Nina and Papa, Daddy and Mema, and then Vince, Patty, and Charlie came to visit.  It was a good night! Much better than our day!! And she is still awake right now- ha!! Talking like crazy!! I'm so relieved.. now just to get that dumb NG out!!

I can post pics tomorrow- I do not have the patience for the uploader right now... ugh!! Sorry...




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