Kayla Mae Olmstead

Kayla was born with Left-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (LCDH). When she was born she was in the NICU for a total of 55 days. She reherniated two years later, had her repair surgery in May 2011 and spent 11 days in hospital recovering. She is a tough little girl and we are truly blessed to have her here.

I'm Growing, I'm Growing!

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Turkey Day

I am very thankful to have Kayla here with me today for her to have and enjoy her first Thanksgiving.  Even though Jerry and I are being very over-protective right now and aren't letting Kayla get into very large crowds or around anyone who has not had their seasonal flu and h1n1 shot Thanksgiving was still a success.  I am used to huge family gatherings at this time, mainly with me being the host- so this year was a little different.  It was just the three of us- and we spent most of the day lounging- I mean after that HUGE meal- who doesn't just sit?!?

We still enjoyed the turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cole slaw, and pie! :) I do wish Kayla could have been around family at this time, but it's quite possible she will be able to next year.  :) We did get to skype with my family who has mostly joined together in NC, except one sister- who stayed up north to be with her husbands family. I got to see their kids, and my parents, one sister (angie) and my brother (matt) and their spouses. It was almost as if I were there with them... just not quite. SO thank you to them... for skyping w/ me! :) I miss you all!

Here are some cute pics of Kayla first thing in the a.m. with the very best pj's ever! I love pigs!! Totally obsessed some would say- so when I found these pj's at Kohls.. I was totally stoked! :) hehe

look at her face- she is totally NOT happy with this pig coming towards her! lol (it's one that oinks and walks..)

I love this one bc you can see the pigs on her bum! Her feet are up in the air and she looks like she is just enjoying herself! :) Love it!

This was tough- this is K in her turkey day dress- but getting her to look at me and smile and keep her attention long enough for the camera to go off.. phew it was tough but I got a few! :)

In this one- she was smiling bc I was saying "dadadadada" but the remote which you can't see, was totally cooler than looking at me!

Here she is trying to get my camera- she saw the string and dove for it!

This was a picture of Kayla and her mommy (me) but I photo shopped me out... I did not look half as cute as she did. lol


Rock and Roll

QUESTION FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE- does your blogger NOT update your blogs?? I know my CDH Family blog rarely shows that I have updated, which I have... several days ago.. and my CDH blogs and family blogs rarely show that they have been updated..?? How do I fix that?

I can't believe how big my little girl is getting. Just the other day I complained to Jerry that she was never going to crawl.. she was never going to move! I was so frustrated that she wasn't doing it yet, (i'm very impatient) and no, she still isn't crawling... but she wants to! :) She does more now than she ever has. She will finally let us put her on her tummy - however, it she puts her knees and hands out first.. rocks up in that position back and forth for about a minute, and then flops on her belly. From there she proceeds to roll over onto her back, and then roll right back to her tummy. I did film it... she did it for 5 min while I filmed, her and I got sick of holding the camera, and I quit, but she certainly did not. I decided the video is only cute for me and Jer.. so I won't bore you with that. Just know K is starting to rock and roll.. literally! lol!! So crawling does seem to be somewhere in the near future. :) Phew!

Despite all the "hupla" on Baby Einstein, we still let her watch. She loves it! She gets very excited and laughs- and sadly won't pay attention to anything else. Just tonight, I thought she wanted a binky- so I brought one out to her, held it in front of her face for her to reach out and grab- she leaned over to the side and peered around the binky like I was totally all in her way.. !! Jeez!! Grandma stopped over as well, so I brought K out to see her in the kitchen. Well silly me, her show was still on. K still got excited to see Grandma but once the excitement was over, she rested her head on my shoulder (I thought she was cuddling...) LOL NO!! She was laying on my shoulder because she could see the TV and watch the rest of her show! Silly girl!!

I think she is teething again- how long does it take for these dang teeth to come thru!! My goodness- it seems like she has been teething since she was 4 months old!!

Tomorrow- her first h1n1!! I'm happy she is finally able to get it.. but scared all the same. I was the same way with the flu shot! So it has nothing to do with the fact it's the h1n1 and it's all new.. it's just I'm scared of the fever and her being in pain like she was with the flu shot! :( She was miserable!!

I'm also nervous with all the shots she'll be receiving in the next couple of weeks. I mean it just seems like so many.. tomorrow is h1n1, dec. 1 is 2nd RSV shot, dec. 18- I don't know if there are shots there or not- for the 9th month wellness?? Are there?? If not- she'll at least be receiving the second dose of h1n1 around then... just so many shots!! :( poor girl!

Anyway - here are some cute pics of her- :)

A sad face bc I had the camera and she didn't!!

out for a little walk today! :)

Now Jerry is silly- he was there behind her holding her! But he photo-shopped himself out! Just don't want anyone to think I'd leave her on a high stump and walk away to take a pic! She is sturdy, but not that sturdy!

Enjoying the outdoors! :)

A pic from our Niagara Falls trip! :) We had a blast!!

Our best friends went with us- and this was Courtney saving me... lol! :)

Since the cutest girl in the world couldn't come along, we brought her a t-shirt.. says "Someone in who loves me went to Niagara Falls and brought me back this t-shirt." :) hehe

Wishing all well! :)


Boo 11/11/09 at OneTrueMedia.com

just something to make someone smile. I know I did! :)

Make video montages at www.OneTrueMedia.com

We are all fans of posting pics of our babies- so if it is ok can I just steal a pic or two off your sites to post on CDH Family?  I won't until you say yes. :) 

Look What I Can Do

If anyone of you has ever watched Mad TV and seen Stewart- then you must say "Look what I can do" the way he does.. cause that is how I'm stating it in the title :)

Anyway- so K is 8 months old today! Woohoo!! :) I love that she is getting older and it seems fast. I know most parents want their babies to be babies forever, but me, I want K to get older because the older she gets, the better her lungs are. So grow baby grow!

Kayla Mae at 8 months old- her Look What I Can Do list...
-sitting up
-on tummy time rocks back and forth like she wants to just go, but can't.. and not on knees, on tummy! weird!
-eats only her cereal will have nothing to do with other food (except prunes!)
-bottle is 5-7oz
-sleeps all night (no more 11 o'clock feeds! woo!)
-laughs when someone else is laughing (only when it's directed towards her)
-doesn't say dadadada or any of those that she is supposed to but screams (playfully) all the time!
-loves it when I sing You are my sunshine (laughs at me)
-loves looking out the window and when someone is in the window to look at outside
-jumps constantly in jumper and loves it!
-chews on everything (ped. said teeth will come soon)
-loves to pick up those puffs things, but gets very angry when I try to put it in her mouth (the ONLY thing she will not allow in her mouth!!)
-LOVES bath time- she gets so excited when you pick her up naked and walk to the bathroom.

I'm sure I'm missing something, but she is a joy to be around! I sometimes get cheek aches because she won't let me stop smiling. Sometimes we end up laughing together and we both can't stop it's so funny!! :) I figure with the eating thing, she is going to go in and out - constantly.  And I think I am ok with that.  Last I knew she weighed 16lbs 10oz.. she has been stuck there for a while, but I don't feel like she is eating bad.. so I'm not worried. K is so happy for a baby who is sheltered. Yes yes, we don't let her do anything (go anywhere!) But I'm so nervous with this H1N1.. which she has yet to get bc around where I live, it's apparently hard to get the vaccination for her age... I call EVERYDAY- do you have it yet?! They must be so sick of me! The rest of us are vaccinated.. so that helps, but she needs to be too!  Everything is just peachy keen right now.

Praying it gets that way for baby Jaime SOON!  And we are praying for baby Andrew's parents! I can't imagine what they are going through right now!

This weekend we (Jer, myself, and our best friends) are going to Niagara falls for a joint 30th birthday! Dave and Jerry are both going to be 30 within a couple months of each other, Nov. 6 is Jer's b-day! :) He isn't excited about 30 but is for Niagara Falls for he has never been.  It will be a great get-a-way! We will miss K tho !! :( Weekends are our special time as we get to spend them with K.. but this weekend she will camp out with Grandma! So K will be very missed, but she loves her grandma so I'm not worried. :)

Here are some pics I have taken and yet to post. Her costume wasn't really a costume, I just didn't buy a costume so her grandpa bought her this PJ lookin thing and it served as a costume for the day.  :) It worked! :)

She will hold her own bottle for a couple oz and then give up. :)

Nina and K - they matched that day but I just realized, you can't tell! lol

the next two were just to show how big she is- plus she loves being naked! (had to put a diaper on) :)

this is pic is of her she was SOOO dang tired- but she fights sleep like crazy! She would not go to bed! Crazy girl!



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