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Kayla was born with Left-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (LCDH). When she was born she was in the NICU for a total of 55 days. She reherniated two years later, had her repair surgery in May 2011 and spent 11 days in hospital recovering. She is a tough little girl and we are truly blessed to have her here.

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ICU recovery - day 4

Last night was great! Kayla slept all night- except for when the nurse came in. She slept till around 8ish.. She did go to bed later than usual tho.  I slept with her- at the end of the bed so I wouldn't crush a cord while sleeping.  Not the comfiest spot but the only spot I can sleep.  So I got a lot more sleep last night than I have in the past two.

Before bed, I let her sit in the chair alone bc she's kinda sick of the bed.  She loved it.  While talking to a Dr. she asked me for a kit kat...ummm, no babe sorry..! :( A little bit later, she asked me for cocoa puffs, and then not to long after that she asked for ice cream.  Ugh- I'm so sorry baby!! :(
This morning was kinda rough on Kayla tho.  She started out wanting to "get up"... So I let her sit in the chair all alone, but really that's not what she had in mind. But it did keep her happy for a while.  She then asked to "go for walk".. :( So sorry baby!! :( She broke my heart this morning.. and it only got worse- in a matter of an hour Kayla had...

- her chest tube taken out- which was supposed to be fast, but ended up not being fast bc the pain lady had to cut stitches around the tube first and that took some time.  Then, she was able to rip it right out.  Kayla cried the entire time. I felt awful! :(
-nurses decided while she was already upset, might as well retape her NG tube...she was NOT happy.
- as soon as K fell asleep, the x-ray guy came.  They have to take an x-ray of her right after chest tube is out just in case air got into the chest...if air got into the chest they'd have to put another tube in...her x-ray was fine.
- just as K fell asleep again, the nurse came in to give her her pain meds... one thru IV the other is in the bum...K again, was not too thrilled.
 And then it was time to do vitals- again, but K didn't really wake up. Phew!
right after the chest tube was taken out- she was soo upset :(
worn out from all the fighting she did.. :(
Missy got her some crayons for her stay at the hospital and I let her have some today- she has had them all day- still does at the very moment- just holding them.  And during the chest tube episode she couldn't have the box bc it was too big and getting in the way- so as she was crying I asked if she wanted a purple crayon- "no!" ok... so I asked if she wanted a orange crayon ... "no!"ok...so I asked if she wanted a blue crayon "yea, ok!" all while she is crying hysterically! <3 Thanks Missy!! She LOVES crayons! :)

So K got a good nap in and then it was time for the enema... ugh! Yes K had to get one bc the Dr said she was so constipated, had a lot of hard poop, and having the large intestine out for so long, it shuts down, so they are hoping that the enema will help to release the poo, which will hopefully put less out of her NG tube and the less stuff that comes out of that, the sooner she gets the tube out.  And yes- the enema helped to release some poo- she freaked out the second the nurses left.  She arched her back, started crying, screaming, turned her whole body in the bed.. and with all those dang tubes/lines it was a mess!  She kept saying potty- I told her to just go in her diaper.. but she was not havin that... and I forgot her potty in the car- which I don't have here any more.  So my nurses saw me struggling w/ K and came in to help- they said it was fine to get her to the potty- took a couple of min to get all the tubes/lines ready to go over to the potty- all while K is FREAKING out.. so we get her over there- and of course K is this tiny little thing and would fall into the potty in a second, so three of us are holding her.. two got the upper body, and me on my knees holding her legs down... she was flipping out! I bet it was painful.  :( She was stiffening her body- screaming - oh man it was awful- finally I told her to push- and made the grunt noise w/ her- and she did- and got a couple of poopies out- which is great! But she was exhausted, rested her forehead on mine, and started to fall alseep.. :( I asked her if she was done, and she said no- but she was falling asleep.. and my knees were broken and I bet the nurses backs were broken.  So we got her back into bed, and she passed right now- worn right out! I was soooo heart broken to see her go through that... Oh man.. it was awful!!
as soon as we got her back into bed after the poop incident on the potty- she got a little surprise. Her Aunt Gigi and her Great Aunt Anne sent her some balloons.  And K in a freaked out stage still says "Kayla want balloon, Kayla want it"... and her bed was a mess- a mess of tubes and lines- but she had a death grip on the balloons- so they had to untangle with her holding them.. ha She LOVED them!! Perfect timing Aunt Gigi and Aunt Anne!! <3

What do you think she's saying to mommy with those eyes??? hahaha- and if you look closely- you can see some of the incision makr- the big tape is where her chest tube was- 

After the enema, they turned down her epidural- less pain med... and by 4 a.m. it will be completely off, will have morphine ready for her if pain does exist, and by the time Dr. comes tomorrow, the foley and edpidural may be ordered out and we'll be out of the ICU! We'll be on the regular floor. :)  I did ask her surgeon if she needed the tylenol- the one that goes in the bum- bc I felt her bum had suffered enough- and he said he wasn't sure why she was getting it anyway- so phew, no more things going up her bum! I mean today she had two things go up - tylenol and the enema- and both she said "owwww" :( And after the pooping episode I'm not sure I was going to let anything in there anyway...
this was tonight- she wanted the circle balloons- while watching Curious George.
She is not a fan of mommy taking pictures at the moment- and if you have noticed- she doesn't have one of her cute hospital gowns on- I have just let her be since she's had a rough day- and I was afraid of a huge poop mess in the bed...but she wouldn't poop in bed! 

Kayla had a TOUGH day!! From chest tube to pooping- it was A LOT for her.  But all things that have to happen in order for her to get better... just SUCKS to see her in pain and uncomfortable like that.  Today- she has asked me for peaches and ice cream.  She asked to wash her hands too- which she can not do bc they are both covered with IV's!





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