Kayla Mae Olmstead

Kayla was born with Left-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (LCDH). When she was born she was in the NICU for a total of 55 days. She reherniated two years later, had her repair surgery in May 2011 and spent 11 days in hospital recovering. She is a tough little girl and we are truly blessed to have her here.

I'm Growing, I'm Growing!

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Day Forever-

Last night- this shot was mainly for Nina- she loves the socks! <3

This was the pic pretty much posted last night- but a  much better shot. She was soo cute!

Well we are finally to a point where they are letting her put some food into her- popsicles, jello, and at night they let her have some milk.

since the IV's are out (the pic..hands- free!) she has to have fluids by mouth!
so she was given a choice of what color popsicle she wanted, and she chose orange.  I think she liked it, but it got so heavy that she got angry and didn't want anything to do with it any more after like 20 licks! 

She had an overall good day.  Morning- she did not wake up crying after her nap which is a first.  She had some pain this a.m. I think- so I asked for her to get some tyelnol- it must have worked bc she calmed down a bit later.  Patty and Charlie came to see Kayla this afternoon.  They got to play in the playroom for a bit.  Charlie had a blast! :) Kayla enjoyed herself, but was quiet.  Then there was this Zoo To You or something- so we went to check it out.  I love the zoo! But this was not the zoo part I love! They did too much talking for the kids that were there- and not fun animals. But love that they do that type of program.  K was actually ok once it started- simply bc she was tired.  She got to see a salamander (i think) and a very ugly snake.  She was just too tired to stay.  Charlie had to leave after the salamander bc Patty had to go.  He was not happy.

some time in the mix of the day, Kayla got a gift.  Aunt Amanda, Uncle Dan, Shaylee and Jacob and Robin and Ed (Amanda's parents) got K some flowers (beautiful flowers), a cute, soft teddy bear and a Dora balloon. Can you guess which one she wanted... ha!

and this was laugh because of their gift!! She was being silly with the balloon!! Thank you guys!! You rock!! <3

But they came back later when Vince was out of work and hung out for a while. They got here just a little after Kayla had her first drink of milk in 5 days- She was so excited for the milk too! She drank one oz and then screamed at me even if she saw the sippy cup.. :( I knew her tummy was hurting- she took a small nap and was still in pain. The D'Angelo's got here and K was miserable!! I was miserable!! :( Sorry guys! But K got tons happier after she vomited! She threw up clear stuff w/ small white chunks-all over mommy! Yup the milk did not agree. :( Vince and Patty were a huge help with this too!! (thanks guys) And she was much better after.  We all went for a walk/wagon ride.  It was fun- well for me anyway- not sure Vince and Patty would agree.. ha but it was fun! K LOVED watching Charlie- in fact she loved it so much she started to run like he was- YIKES the kid can barely walk sturdy.. But she had a great time watching Charlie!! So thanks guys for coming and cheering up K! Made my night a bit better!! :)
right before V, P and C got here- I can even tell by the way she is sleeping that she is in pain. :( (this was after her first oz of milk)
 Not sure why some are yellowish- but oh well- the looks on K and C's faces are great! 

After they left, K drank her milk- well actually they were still here, and Charlie was not happy she got milk and he didn't! :) Sorry Charlie.. :( But she drank 2 oz and so far has kept it down.. she is sleeping now, so i'm hoping by her inactivity that she'll be able to keep it down, but we'll see.

I just get so impatient- I feel like if she doesn't eat, or keep down what she drank that we'll be here FOREVER!! :( And I just want to go home, have K be able to recover there, be able to see LILY!, my husband, and my bed!  I miss Lily so stinkin much- and when we get to skype, Kayla gets angry when I pay attention to her- so it's a bad situation overall! I did get to see Lily wave tho! OMG soooo cute!! Dr. said maybe we'll be here all weekend, but maybe, depending on how K does with poop out and food in, we could be out of here by Saturday.  So we'll see.





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