Kayla Mae Olmstead

Kayla was born with Left-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (LCDH). When she was born she was in the NICU for a total of 55 days. She reherniated two years later, had her repair surgery in May 2011 and spent 11 days in hospital recovering. She is a tough little girl and we are truly blessed to have her here.

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Post Op Appt

Today was Kayla's post-op appt... she had to have an x-ray and a follow up with her surgeon.  The ride down was great, thanks to a good friend Danielle- who loaned her car DVD player which makes our trip a 1000x easier!!!!!! If you asked Kayla if she was ready to go get her picture taken, she was all for it- "let's go" but as soon as we stepped into the room where the "camera" was... she lost it, cried the entire time.  She even told me to take off my special apron after the first two shots (we knew, the x-ray lady and I, that she would have to do it again bc K moved..)  soo I couldn't take it off- she sat where she needed to sit and let us do it again, but she was crying the WHOLE time!!!! I felt awful for her!!

After her x-ray, I gave her a lollipop and she was totally fine.  You'd never know anything was wrong w/ her! We strolled across the street to her surgeon's office and she played around the office while we waited... but then when they called her in... she lost it again.  She was ok walking through the door to the rooms, but once the lady told us what room to go in to, she flipped out!  But it was the really cute room with the flying pigs- so it was easy to calm her down.  I just pointed out the flying pigs, and the cow...and she was good.

Her surgeon came in shortly after and Kayla, of course, didn't lift up her shirt to show off her belly.  But when the Dr wanted to look, she let him help me take her shirt off.  She sat there and let him look, but then he needed her to lay down- and that was not what she wanted to do... she had a lollipop in her hand, and was arching her back, throwing her legs up trying to get off the table- so Dr got all lollipopped but he got to feel her belly and he said all was well!

She is healing great, and only needs about two more weeks until she is completely back to normal. He asked if she had an older sibling- I said no, but some older cousins- and he said to just keep her from being pushed because it would probably be painful for her.  He said her incision area is probably still very painful when pushed on... so we need to keep her safe from big falls, trips and pushing. :) Simple, we do that anyway! :)

So all was well!! :) A fun trip thanks to my mother coming with me as Jer could not bc of his job.  It was a pleasant trip!!! Thanks mom!!





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