Kayla Mae Olmstead

Kayla was born with Left-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (LCDH). When she was born she was in the NICU for a total of 55 days. She reherniated two years later, had her repair surgery in May 2011 and spent 11 days in hospital recovering. She is a tough little girl and we are truly blessed to have her here.

I'm Growing, I'm Growing!

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Please visit CDH Family! And share your thoughts and experiences on THE NUMBERS! Also please send me pics of your little one- I have a before and after of K- you can send me your baby when he/she was born, or a before and after as well. :)
Pretty girl in red.. :)
lovin her Papa's shirt!
YAY- I finally get to meet Aunt Courtney
I was practicing to sit up, got lazy tho!
sitting up with a pillow in my lap..
K put the pig there! I swear!!!
Aunt Meg, Uncle Tim and K
trying to sit up!
It's been very quiet around here- we are finally getting some nice sunny, hot days. K is doing great now.. I've been hesitant to write this blog for a while- K is back on track with feeding. She now eats 5oz a bottle- and gets her 25oz needed. Sometimes she'll surprise me and go up to 28oz. She is also eating a full serving of rice cereal every morning- and a full container of a fruit or veggie at night. So she is getting extra calories there. She is slowly gaining weight now, she is up to 14lbs 10oz... no piggy like Charlie tho! :) Way to go Charlie!! haha
Other than that- she is doing great. We are practicing to sit up- and trying to find our feet.
Please pray for Rafa and Max.. two babies fighting their way through this CDH monster right now!!


Chanda D Brady said...

Love the cheeks!!!! No news is good news!! It's good to see the healthy babies! I personally draw hope and total inspiration from little Kayla Mae.
You guys take care and so good to hear she has a decent appetite.



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