Kayla Mae Olmstead

Kayla was born with Left-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (LCDH). When she was born she was in the NICU for a total of 55 days. She reherniated two years later, had her repair surgery in May 2011 and spent 11 days in hospital recovering. She is a tough little girl and we are truly blessed to have her here.

I'm Growing, I'm Growing!

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Kayla's 3rd Birthday

Kayla woke up the morning of her birthday, March 4, 2012, to a living room filled with balloons!  She was so excited!  She didn't even notice her presents for at least 5 min due to the excitement over the balloons.  She was very excited for today.  She kept saying I get to 'unwrap all my presents' and if anyone said 'happy birthday' to her, she would say 'happy birthday'.. ha!  I think she was most excited to blow out her candles.  She talked about that from the first moment she woke up in the morning.  She talked about her 'party' all day too. 
Her first tricycle
the shirt I made her.. <3
Her Belle cake I made.. She LOVED it! phew!
My miracle!

She had a good day.  Thanks to everyone who came to see her- Those who did not and you are wondering why you weren't invited- I really dislike having parties- to be completely honest- people buying gifts for Kayla is very much appreciated but I feel awful that you do.  So I try not to make too many people do that. It's awful I know- but I swear we will have a get together this summer- more than once! :) BBQ!!! Who's in?!



Liz and Shane said...

Happy Birthday Princess!



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