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Kayla was born with Left-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (LCDH). When she was born she was in the NICU for a total of 55 days. She reherniated two years later, had her repair surgery in May 2011 and spent 11 days in hospital recovering. She is a tough little girl and we are truly blessed to have her here.

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A trip to the hospital..

Last week was a very hard week for my family. Kayla got sick on Tuesday- we thought it was just her reflux, but it turned out to be much worse.  She puked three times on Tuesday, and twice on Wednesday- and that was because we got a little smarter on what to give her for food. We did take her to the docs on Thursday- K was sooooooo not herself.  She was tired, and didn't really get up from her Dora couch.  When we got to docs she sat on Dad's lap in the waiting room- not like her!  She usually is hard to keep contained in one spot!  Then when we got in to see doc, she curled up on my lap in a fetal position and didn't move.  She let the doc do what she had to do. :( - again not usual for Kayla.  Kayla was VERY dehydrated.  She wouldn't drink a thing!  So we had to either bring her to the hospital or try to get her hydrated on our own.  Jerry wanted to try first... so we did.  We gave her a 12cc syringe of pedialyte every 10 min!  She hated every second of it.  It took two of us to hold her down and then half the time she'd outsmart us and spit it out.  She was getting a bit better tho, so we know she got some fluids.  We had to keep her up until 11 p.m. Poor thing knew when the syringe was coming... she'd start crying and kicking.  We offered her her sippy cup first... but she never took it. On Thursday night she did well.  But then on Saturday we got her up in the morning on and saw she had puked in the middle of the night- again!  She didn't cry, fuss or even move!  Still makes me sad that she didn't cry to let me know she had puked... :( 

Soo- I called the doc again and she told us to come to her office again. This time, we had to go to the hospital! :( We should have done that in the first place... and spared K the fight w/ the syringe.  But I mean did we really want her to go to the hospital if we could get her better ourselves?  Anyway, we got there and she got her IV in and some blood drawn.  Thankfully she didn't need to be stuck several times to get a vein.  She needed to be held down for IV and blood drawing but I think she did pretty well overall.  Once the fluids starting pumping in her, you could tell she was coming back! Sunday morning she was more peppy... and she ate a whole pancake, half a banana, and some captin crunch! It was amazing!  However, she still would not take  a sippy cup from us, but it was getting easier to bribe her to take a sip. We were allowed to leave by supper time on Sunday- a short stay but so necessary.  She was diagnosed w/ Gastrointeritis (which I've had, and is NOT fun), dehydration and hypoglycemia.  And a hospital trip just because she didn't want anything to drink! :( 

Now she is very much her self again! :) 
eating a cracker, and watching yo gabba gabba to help her rest.

This was Thursday night.  We had to give the 12cc of fluids every 10 min.  This was about 8 o'clock.  She NEVER sleeps on her dora couch.  At most, she's laid on it for 10 min.  She was on this thing ALL day.  We did let her sleep w/ us that night in case she puked. 
she puked ....Friday night, the night we thought she was getting better.  So we ended up in the hospital. :( They did ask me if I wanted a crib for her, but I thought she'd be happier if I just stayed in bed w/ her, so I said no. 
Daddy and Kayla- we felt just awful for her! :( She wouldn't let either one of us out of her sight.  We even had to ask if we could go 'pee pee'.  
I think she is watching yo gabba gabba on my phone... that's what really sucked about the hospital. She had to stay put, but they don't have Nick Jr. So thankfully I have i-net on my phone and she was able to watch some Mickey Mouse and DJ.
This was the night we got home- the Giants played a horrible game, but we still put her in her Giants PJ's. :) She was feeling a bit better on Sunday night.  I guess she was sick of her Dora couch so she sat in a box... goofy girl!
And here she is on Tuesday... a week from when she got sick.  Messing w/ her sisters toys...She's back! :) She has food all over her face and she was pushing Lily's jumper back and forth- a little too violent- so I got the pic and made her stop! :) 

Kayla did lose weight- all that hard work into making her gain- and she pukes it all up! UGH!! According to our scale at home, she was 23lbs... when she weighed in at the docs office, she was 21 lbs.  So now there is only 6lb difference between her and Lily- Lily is 15lbs... :)





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