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Kayla was born with Left-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (LCDH). When she was born she was in the NICU for a total of 55 days. She reherniated two years later, had her repair surgery in May 2011 and spent 11 days in hospital recovering. She is a tough little girl and we are truly blessed to have her here.

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Kayla Update

Kayla Mae is doing great!  We have had a pretty quiet winter (phew!) and hope it continues to stay that way! We have been pretty over-protective this winter though.   Kayla does not go anywhere.. if we need to grocery shop, one of us will go or a grandparent will watch her while we go.  She doesn't go around other babies, and hasn't ever really- which could be bad in the long run, but we are trying to keep those lungs as healthy as possible for as long as possible.. and yes- I know germs are good for her, but maybe next winter! Jerry and I just aren't ready for more drama so we will continue to keep this winter pretty boring for her.

When the temperature gets up to around 35 degrees (which doesn't happen very often) she gets to go outside. She loves it too! Can't say I blame her tho!! I do feel bad that she doesn't get to go anywhere..but she is quite content with seeing her Grandma everyday and her Grandpa every now and again.  Nina and Papa are away for the winter- but come April (my spring break) Jerry and I are going to take Kayla for her first trip to Myrtle Beach for a week.  We are excited! We will be driving- too scared to put her on a plane just yet- that may take me a couple years to get ok with.  So it will be a long trip but totally worth it!

Kayla gets her RSV shot every month, the nurse will no longer go into the room- last time Jerry had to take Kayla and weigh her and report the weight to the doctor!  Kayla just cries every time she sees the nurse (can't blame her there either!) And of course she cries when she sees the ped, but she only comes in for the shot and leaves! So the nurse really does save a lot of drama from Kayla by not coming in the room any more.  The ped is a little concerned with K's weight, but I think it's because she knows I'm a freak and worried about it for so long.  Kayla has been in the 17lb range for a LONG time... However, I feel as though Kayla is eating well, 4 bottles a day, 5 oz each, sometimes 6...she eats three meals a day- jars!  We have been giving her puffs, toast with butter, she'll only suck on that, and grilled cheese sandwich- which again she will let you put in her mouth, but I feel like she just swallows it.. I am continuing to try spaghetti-o's ...I did try a real sweet potato- but she didn't like it.

Finally a tooth is popping through!! Just one- and it's taking a very long time, but you can see it now.  And you can tell it's painful for her... she screams A LOT- but she also screams when she is happy- so it's just a day full of high-pitched screams.. they are soo loud, one can only take so much!

She crawls every where- it is very exhausting to keep up with her- me being in my first trimester and having ZERO energy as is, keeping up with Kayla who NEVER stops- is hard! She really wants to walk, but I just don't have the back to keep walking her! How on earth do you parents do that?! She does great at pulling herself up, she babbles, not the dadada, but she does do jibberish- yeadibayea something crazy like that. haha and then screams!

And now- a fun fact for Kayla to hate me for when she gets older- she now lifts her butt cheek up to fart! You know when you have a fart, and you tilt to the side to let it out, well she does that- I'm wondering if she got that from me or daddy?! haha But it's sooo cute! And watching her start to poop when she is in the crawl position- omg so funny!! And she stays in that position until she is done, and then she'll sit on her bottom YUCK.. so I have to be fast! :) Most of the time I just pick her up as she is pooping.. :)

Please pray for us to have a boring and healthy pregnancy! We are just going on 10 weeks soon, which means the diaphragm should have already grown!  My first appt we had to do an ultra sound bc they could not find the heart beat- YIKES! So they did the ultra sound and found it 171 phew! :) and the lady printed out a picture for me.. so tiny! We honestly don't care what we are having- as long as it's healthy! Boy or Girl.. just healthy! :)

Praying for you to have a healthy winter! Keep those hands washed and sanitized! :) Stomach bug has been going around and I heard H1N1 is coming back.. hold your breath!! haha only what 3 more months to go before we are in the clear?! haha



Liz and Shane said...

our home life sounds so much alike. Wish we lived closer. Kayla looks so cute in the snow. She is a little snow bunny! Hope you cotinue to have a healthy winter. It will be over soon! Can't wait.
love reading Kayla's updates
You are in my prayers.



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