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Kayla was born with Left-sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (LCDH). When she was born she was in the NICU for a total of 55 days. She reherniated two years later, had her repair surgery in May 2011 and spent 11 days in hospital recovering. She is a tough little girl and we are truly blessed to have her here.

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6 month appt

We had K's 6 month dr appt today... it went fairly well.  She is completely pooped out right now and is taking a nap- a well needed one- her last nap was around quarter to 10!! YIKES!  Anyway- she did great at the appt even though she was lacking her second nap.

She didn't cry at all- until the shot part.  She got a clean bill of health, sounds good, ears look good, eyes (no laziness), stands up well, keeps her head steady when pulled up, tries to eat everything like she should, etc.  She is good. :) She does have her developmental follow up in Syracuse on Friday too, and then a chest x-ray on next Wednesday in Syracuse... so everything all at once! :)

She is now 15 lbs 8.5 oz, 25 3/4 in. (just below the 50th percentile) and her head circumference was 17 something- (just below the 75th percentile- she has her daddy's head) haha

I asked my ped all sorts of questions-

  1. The h1n1 vaccination and what she thought about it- recommends K get the vaccination.  She said that if I didn't want her to, for me to get it and anyone who watches her to get it... and then we won't bring it home to her- seeing how she is under "winter lockdown".  However, the problem with that is the people who watch her are not high priority people and probably won't be able to get it.. so I'm stuck!  I don't know what to do.
  2. The RSV shot(s)- we have to get a note from our Syracuse doc's saying she is a candidate for it and then they check with the insurance ($1000/shot/mo.)  Then K can get it, if she meets the criteria.  
  3. Her Zantac and Reglan Perscriptions- Zantac is now 2mL's twice a day, which it was 1.4 mL's three times a day- so it's less, and I'm not sure why- I will have to call and check on that.  Her reglan prescription ran out and she has not been getting that for a week + and she is not going to refill it as my ped does not like reglan very much. 

K got her third round of shots today- she got all the regulars and her flu shot.  She will go  back whenever she needs to to get the second round of it.  (I'm not sure if it's a month or just 2 weeks.)  Our next appt is in a month but the lady who gave me the appt had no clue when they were supposed to come back.  So I need to call.

This weekend K will be spending the day/night with Grandma and Grandpa as Jerry and I have to go to my cousins wedding in Lake George on the 12th.  We are staying the night and enjoying ourselves.  I'm very much looking forward to it as I get to dress up and drink. :) Plus my WHOLE family (except you ANGIE-I will give you a break seeing how you JUST had a kid tho) will be there which is fantastic... I love being around family as I don't get to very often.  This year will be very hard for me not doing a family Thanksgiving or Christmas.  But it's better than K getting sick!  So I am looking forward to this as it will be the last time my family is together for a very long time.

Monday was also the very first day that my brother and his wife, Matt and Meghan, got to hold Kayla.  Jerry and I are very, how shall we say, over-protective, and anyone with a kid, we don't usually let touch K.  However, we really wanted some pics of her with her uncle Matt and aunt Meghan so we told them to go change their shirts and wash up to their elbows, and then hand sanitize.. then they could hold her. K had a great time with them!! :)

Wishing the best for all during these winter months!!! Good luck!!


Jaime's World said...

Kayla is adorable! So happy her appointment went well! I, too am VERY worried about the Winter, especially since Jaime was a preemie on top of the CDH!
Best of luck!



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